Sabina Apartments

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Design Brief
The brief was to convert the old Santa Sabin Convent building into student residential flats, a manager's apartment and common cinema, spa and gymnasium spaces. The existing roof space was also converted to ensuited residential flats with a shared living space.


Project Description
The existing building was divided into small rooms for the nuns in its previous use and these were opened up to provide larger spaces for the student rooms. Rooms were also converted for use as dining areas, games rooms and the existing chapel was converted to a home theatre room. The basement space was used to house the gymnasium, weights room and spa room along with changing rooms and a sauna.

A managers flat was created out of one end of the building and new bathroom spaces were formed to replace the existing.

During the construction of the project it was decided to make use of the roof space so loft apartments were designed to fit within the existing roof line. Dormer windows were created to give adequate headroom to the apartments and skylights added where required to provide light and ventilation.


Creative Solution
By maintaining the existing structure and features of the old convent building and working the new residential units within has created a unique living environment for the occupants. New work has been carried out sympathetically with the existing to blend new and old together in a seamless conversion. In doing so the building has had a new lease of life and can be continued to be used for years into the future and not destined for demolition.