The brief was to provide a large home to replace the client's original family home on an established section. The brief insisted the house be designed around the existing cherry tree planted by the client as a child. The house was to be positioned to allow for a future tennis court to the back yard with flow out of the house to the entertaining spaces.

The house is a two-story design to allow for the spatial requirements of the brief while still fitting into the site. The top floor is largely bedroom spaces while the ground floor contains all of the living spaces allowing flow to the outdoor areas.

The house is clad in a mix of Hebel panel and Linea weatherboards with Gerard Rockport Shingles to the roof. All exterior window and door joinery are solid timber double glazed European designed units.

The bedroom spaces have been built into the roof space and a number of Velux skylights have been used to provide light, ventilation and views to the surrounding hills.

The living spaces are separated by two large cavity sliding doors that meet at right angles to close off the living room from the family room when required. A large courtyard space flows off the end of the family room.

By designing a two storey house the site has been left large enough for future needs and by creating rooms within the roof space the building stays in proportion with its surroundings. While being a large house the clients have a fully functional home that flows together well and allows individual spaces for their growing family needs.