Design Process

Mike Sowman Design Ltd can provide a range of services differing in levels of involvement from simple site analysis, 3D imaging of existing concepts, building consent level documentation or through to full design, tendering  and supervision services to suit your project. We will be happy to discuss the level of service you require at our initial design meeting.

The design process typically follows the following phases:


1. Initial Meeting

This section includes for the following:

  • Initial design brief established including information on site, design and budget.
  • Scope of engagement and timelines for project established.
  • A fee proposal and terms of engagement are confirmed following the initial meeting.


2. Concept Design

This section includes for the following:

  • Initial research into all council related information including any planning conditions, site specific requirements and / or limitations.
  • Site analysis including arranging for topographical site survey and plotting of existing site features by a registered surveyor.
  • Preparation of initial design sketches relating to our interpretation of the design brief.
  • Provision of initial design drawings including for site plans showing the relationship of the building to the site, floor plan layouts and elevations.


3. Developed Design

This section includes for the following:

  • Involves taking the approved concept design ideas and developing the plans and exterior appearance of the project further.
  • Preliminary cross sections and basic structural requirements are developed to confirm the built form is feasible.
  • Development and research into building materials and construction methods to be used in the project are explored.
  • 3D images and / or photos montage images of the proposed final designs are prepared and presented.
  • Elemental cost estimates from a Quantity Surveyor or building contractor can be prepared off the final developed design drawings for establishing compliance with design budgets.


4. Contract Documentation

This section includes for the following:

  • From the developed design drawings contract documentation can be prepared for building consent, tendering and construction of the project.
  • Contract documentation includes all drawings, written specifications and compliance forms covering all materials and building methods to be adopted in the project and all contained in one set of clear concise documents.
  • Conditions of Contract and Conditions of Tendering between the client and the contractors are developed and written into the contract documentation.


5. Tendering and Contracts

This section includes for the following:

  • Selection of preferred or potential tenderers are discussed and a list of tender conditions prepared.
  • Contract documents issued to selected tenderers and the formal processing of all queries from tenderers dealt with during the tender period.
  • Closing of tenders on agreed date and following receipt of all compliant tenders a full tender analysis and report is prepared before final presentation and recommendations to the client are made for approval.
  • Successful and unsuccessful tenderers are notified and final contract documents are prepared for the formal signing of the contract.


6. Contract Administration / Construction Monitoring

This section includes for the following:

  • The running and reporting of scheduled site meetings between the designer, client and contractor.
  • The answering and resolving of any construction or design queries during the construction phase.
  • The processing of any contract variations and the instruction of the contractor to undertake any given tasks or duties required for the full completion of works (site instructions).
  • The receiving and processing of monthly progress payments including for verification of monies claimed and the issuing of the approved payment certificate.
  • The undertaking of a practical completion inspection at the handover of the project and the issuing of a practical completion certificate and defects maintenance list.
  • The administering of all maintenance defects during the agreed defects liability period to ensure completion of works.
  • The approving of the final completion and certifying the works. Final retention monies and the final account are prepared and released and a completion certificate issued.