The project called for a central living space with a bedroom wing, including utilities, off either side. The house was designed to optimise the sea views to the south-east and to make the most of the sun to the north-west.  A higher level "butterfly" roof was used over the main living area to give the feeling of space and provide good natural light to the entire the room.  Mono-pitched roofs over the two bedroom wings kept the overall profile of the house low and nestled into the site.

Exterior walls were clad in stained battened plywood sheet with exposed concrete block sealed with a clear silicone sealant to reflect the informal nature and simplicity of a holiday home. The exposed concrete block was carried into the interior and with clear finished plywood ceilings and concrete coloured floor tiles laid over heated concrete floors, the interior has a semi-industrial feel.  Large areas of glass were essential for light and to make the most of the views and to provide passive heating through solar gain.

The end result is a very simplistic and functional house that captures the mood and feeling of the kiwi bach and totally fulfilled the brief requirements of the client.