Masterwood Joinery

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Client: Masterwood Joinery - Cromwell

Completion Date: 2010

The objective was to provide a showroom building with strong links to the Central Otago region by use of local materials while showcasing the disciplines of the client's joinery business. The showroom was to be positioned on the front of an existing non-descript insulated panel factory building to give the company a unique presence largely missing in the surrounding industrial district.

The showroom was designed as a simple mono pitched form. The existing building was kept white in colour to keep its recessive visual value while the addition was designed as a more substantially constructed form. By maintaining a low profile the addition still allows the factory beyond to be seen. The use of local and natural materials answers the request for links to the local region.

The end result has met the client's brief by providing an attractive functional space that portrays an image of local pride and solidity and provides a canvas to showcase their products to the visiting public.